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The FACET rug was created for a Client that challenged me to think dynamically about the shape of a rug. The room, like many these days did not have a “true center” from which all elements revolved around. The shape of FACET was literally pieced together with paper, and when that ran out, paper towels from her kitchen! 

FACET has become a testament to rugs that bend the boundaries of traditional shapes. 
It’s unique shape sets the stage for a dynamic assembly of furniture thus becoming “Art for the Floor.”

This venture was brought to life in collaboration with the talented Samantha Gallacher of ART + LOOM. Never one to boast about her accomplishments and always open to ideas makes Samantha a dream to collaborate with. It has been humbling to watch the success of Samantha soar over the years as she quietly honed her craft and marked her place in the world of “cool rugs.” 

I invite you to share the world of ART + LOOM.




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